Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Started my CPH! Well, swatching at least...

Yup you got it! Last night during Stardust (I love that film! Robert de Niro dancing around in drag to the Can-Can has to be one of the funniest things ever) I started to swatch for my CPH. I dug out my 5.0mm inters and a cable and cast on.

Before I blocked it, I got 19 stitches and 24 rows to 4 inches (the rows was to 12 to 2 inches... just doubled it). I soaked it in some Soak and laid it out to dry on top of the tumble dryer.

Just gone and remeasured it now, and my gauge is.... 17 stitches and 24 rows! Yay! Spot on :) That's the first time EVER I've been able to hit gauge.

Miracles do happen!

I'll start on this once I've finished my gloves. Ironically, the colour of my glove yarn matches my hoodie yarn almost perfectly, so I guess I know what I'll be wearing with my finished CPH :)

Trev took himself off to A&E today as he'd been having some severe pains in his appendix area... thankfully it turns out it's not appendicitis, just a severe viral infection. Bless him.


Kathryn said...

You're putting me to shame. I only knit boring old UK style, I never, ever bother to swatch (bad I know but touch wood so far I've never had a major sizing issue), I'm sure my casting on and binding off is only ever done in the most basic of styles and I don't even know what Soak is never mind use it when blocking - an iron and a tea towel is all I use...

My own CPH is coming on well, done the back and left front now. I'll post some pics on Ravelry soon.

Good to hear Trev is recovering too!

azzy said...

Yeah he's a bit better :) I did rush home in a panic last night after he told me he had gone to A&E... he's scaring me repeatedly this week!

Soak is a wool wash I use for washing nice jumpers and handknits... it's also good for blocking swatches and stuff to see how the finished garment will behave.

I always have issues with gauge - even with crochet my gauge is terrible, so I'm quite glad that it seems to be ok with knitting. I just get so paranoid about something not fitting!

I think I have perhaps gotten mildly obsessed by my knitting... I have this problem where once I start something, I want to know EVERYTHING about it.

How are you and Chewie doing?

Kathryn said...

We're fine thanks - I am trying to get as much rest as possible so my knitting is a good way of making sure I will do a bit better in that respect! Hope things are not too manic in the run up to January - have to say i'm not missing it at all ;)
Have a great Christmas!