Sunday, 25 January 2009

Finally finished those gloves!

At last, I've finished those gloves I needed to do. Still need to do those ones for my Mum, if I'm going to do them.

Anyway - here they are:

Evangeline Fingerless Gloves

Evangeline Fingerless Gloves

Made the same mods as before. Somehow I managed to miss a stitch when picking up the thumbs, so have a total of 13 stitches instead of 14. I also did 21 rows of cuff ribbing instead of 20 as I accidentally did one too many and couldn't be bothered to rip back.

I'm glad these are done. I didn't enjoy knitting them at all because it felt enforced and like work.

I've really wanted to do some spinning this weekend as I had some new fibre arrive (pics to follow) and wanted to learn some new techniques, but I've been struck down with this horrid gastro-thing and have been in a fair amount of agony over the last few days. Can't lean forwards or bend over, so spinning would be pretty tough. Grr. Have got to get back to work tomorrow as I've got so much on, but really don't feel better. Went to see the doctor on Friday and he was useless. Until I've been ill for a week, they won't treat me, and he focused on ONE of my symptoms, ignoring the pain and the history of bowel cancer in the family. Oh well. If I don't feel better within a couple of days, I'll go back.

Anyway, let's look at some scrummy fibre I bought:

2 x White Corriedale that I bought for practice:

White Corriedale Top

2 x Brown Corriedale. Might make Mum's gloves from this if I can get my consistency ok, or a hat for Trev or something:

Dark Brown/Black Corriedale Top

Some 23mic 64's Merino Top. Might try and dye this once I've spun it:

23mic 64's Merino Top

A blended colourway of the above Merino called Whisper. Will make something scrummy for myself out of this:

Whisper Dyed Merino Top

Got a few pics of my most recently spun yarn too. I span this... last weekend? I can't remember. It was a while ago and I do need to do some more spinning soon. There's about 30 yards of it. Span 2 lots of singles, plied together, then washed and whacked it. No idea what weight it is. Guess I don't mind too much since it's probably not enough to make anything from.

Fifth Handspun

Fifth Handspun

Fifth Handspun

Here's a pic as my handspun has developed:

Early Handspuns

Newer handspun at the top, first attempts at the bottom. Definitely improving, even though it's not as consistent as I'd like.

Want to learn to Navajo ply next. I've decided I don't like plying very much. I can see why a lot of spindlers buy a wheel just to do plying. Especially if I learn to Navajo Ply on the Fly, once I'm done it's done!

Also been having a look at some new spindles. I want to get some Bosworths - might put my name down for a Moosie as I'm feeling very sorry for myself still being poorly.

Right - back to watching LOST - been very odd so far!

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