Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Hard work!

First of all, Happy New Wotsits everyone... I know I'm a week late, but who cares :)

So yeah, hard work! Both in work and knitting terms. Today's been tough at work - this week in general has been hard since going back (you get used to 2 weeks off work!), but today was not good. All I'll say is that I'm glad to see public flogging hasn't gone out of style! :) And that's all I have to say about that (ala Forrest Gump).

Unfortunately when it comes to knitting, I've lost my groove a little bit. I'm getting a bit down about being pressured to do a ton of knitting for other people. I really want to work on my CPH but feel guilty while there's stuff outstanding for other people. Oh well.

In addition over New Year I consumed too much crap... and far too much whisky (we had a bottle of Glenfiddich rattling around - whoops)! So need to get myself fit and motivated...

To that end I have signed up to spinning classes! Yarn, not bikes! (Me on a bike? Yeah right.) I have booked a couple of hours with the lovely Diane Mullholland next Thursday. Taking a half day off work and going for 2 hours lessons. Really looking forward to it!

The Chewie booties went off in the post today to the newly born Gemma Irene and a super adorable baby she is too.

To end, some restful pictures of sunsets we took last week when I was off work and we were walking around the lake.




I love the last one - as it's the view from my living room window :)

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