Wednesday, 21 January 2009

New yarn!

As promised here are pics of my new stash. I meant to post these at the weekend, but got a bit carried away with spinning.

I hopefully have some new fibre coming tomorrow, so I'll post some pics of that soon too along with some more yarn I spun at the weekend. I managed to get it come out a bit more even, and there's about 30 yards of it once plied, which is pretty good. I soaked and whacked it, and it's nice a balanced. Unfortunately there's not enough of it to use for anything, due to yardage and it's still a bit thick/thin. I might try and dye it, I think.

Anyway! Stash!

This is the yarn I want to use for Arisaig - a nice Rowan 4 Ply Soft. I cleared out John Lewis and had to order some more online:


There's a couple of different dye lots, but I should be able to make sure I use the same lots on each section of the top. Hope I can add a bit more length to it too.

Some random Rowan Cashsoft Aran:


I was tempted to get a darker lilac in chunky weight, but bought 5 balls of this. Don't know what I'm going to use it for, but worth stashing up on anyway!

Some black Cashsoft Chunky:


This is for some gloves for Mum - 3 balls

Both balls of this (got 2 in each colour) are for a hat for Trev - Cashsoft Chunky again:



Also had a colour card come from Coldharbour Mills:


Looking forward to a ton more knitting!

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