Thursday, 15 January 2009

Spinning! Eeek!

Well, today I had my first spinning lesson today. And I think it went ok! Had 2 hours booked with Diane Mulholland and I learned to draft, spin on a spindle and attempted to spin on a wheel, which was not pretty.

Here's some pictures of my first yarn (I'm so embarrassed) and some of the other goodies I've come home with.

All my bits of fibre:


Some washed fleece:

I think this is Wensleydale:


This is a silk/merino mix:


My spindle! It's made from cherry wood. The purpley stuff on it is mohair, underneath which is some plain fibre, I think it's either Polwarth or BFL.


Another shot of my spindle (the fibre on it is my third attempt at spinning):


My first yarn! I forget how I span this - may have just been on my leg. One end of it looks ok, best to just ignore the rest:


My second yarn attempt! This is a 2 ply plied from a centre-pull ball. Looking a bit better, but still pretty awful :)





I managed to cause Diane lots of amusement. My main problem that I have to watch for whilst spindling is letting the roving get tangled in the spinning area and all getting spun together. Aaagh! I did this so many times it was annoying.

My other issues: trying to draft with my hands waaaaay too close together and wondering why drafting was nearly impossible!

Other problem, when using the wheel, moving my hand back down towards the wheel and fluffing up the fibre so it doesn't lay flat. Whoops. That was the one thing I did that Diane referred to as evil :) At least there was only one thing I guess!

My wheel spinning unfortunately went well until I started to treadle. I could draft and feed the yarn onto the bobbing quite well, but the minute I had to treadle as well, I lost it completely! Practice will make perfect, but I need more time on my spindle first.

The other thing the session confirmed was that I really want a Majacraft Rose. Got a good look at Diane's and it's beautiful. Gotta have one :) She had the cutest little Bosworth spindle too - I forgot to ask what weight it was.

All in all, a really good day. I'm going to try and do some practice before I go to bed.

I went to John Lewis on Friday and bagged a load of yarn that was still on sale. Don't have any photos yet, so I'll post about that at the weekend when hopefully some of the extra yarn I ordered will arrive.


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