Sunday, 22 February 2009

CPH Back!

Finished the back of my CPH last week, but after blocking it, it took a while to dry and this is the first chance I've had to take pics. Unfortunately because I used clothes pegs to pin it into place there are a few flat bits, which will hopefully even out once I block the whole thing after seaming etc.

Finished CPH Back

Please excuse my clothes - it's Sunday and I'm slobbing around! I also don't look this large normally - I promise. It's the angle Trev's taken the photo from. Honest.

I also managed to finish spinning up the stuff I was doing on my Bossie this week. Seemed like it was taking me forever to do the single and I thought the spindle was getting relatively full. However I've taken it off and Navajo plied it, and there's only about 17 yards. Bit disappointing! It's about worsted weight - approx 9 wpi I reckon.

I'm going to try and spin up the yarn to make the Endpaper Mitts. I have the pretty merino Whisper that I wanted to use for something, and I think this and the white merino I have will be perfect for a pair. I've been told that 2 ply is best for this, but I still need to get my singles down to about 32wpi.

In other spinning news this week, I'm going to attempt some dyeing! Diane has a really useful post on how to dye in your oven which I'm going to use as my instructions. I've got some more plain Corriedale I can use (need to keep my white merino white, to use for my mitts) for dyeing and can maybe buy some more plain stuff as it's so cheap if my first attempt goes well. I'll pick up some cheap equipment from Tesco so I have dedicated dyeing bits.

My other bit of news is that Diane is going to lend me her Ashford Joy whilst she's in Australia! She goes away next week until April and she's said I can borrow it until then. I have to make sure it's back as soon as she gets home, but that should be fine :) Although given my first attempts at spinning on the Joy last time, I'm not filled with confidence, but I should be ok with practice. Might try and spin up the Endpaper yarn on the wheel. I love my spindles and I'm happy with the yarn I can spin, but it just takes so long! I know that's down to practice and I'm sure I'll get there, but right now I just want to be spinning more than 30 yards a time.

I reskeined all my yarn so far so you can see it a bit better:

Mini skeins of all handspun

Mini skeins of 4 most recent

Mini skein of Corriedale

Mini skein of Corriedale

I've not taken any pics of my most recent Navajo attempt. I'm quite happy with it (could be more consistent, as always) so will take some pics when I can.

I've also been promised some dye from Diane and some fibre from Sarah, so this week should be a very interesting one in terms of crafting!

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