Saturday, 21 March 2009

Knitting and Crochet catch-up

Been over a week since I blogged! Naughty me. We've been very busy the last couple of weeks. After going to London 2 weeks ago, we spent last weekend helping my parents do some painting... which left me too tired on Sunday to do anything other than sleep!

But that doesn't mean I didn't do any knitting!

On Friday I finished the gloves for my Mum. I took them to her house and finished off the thumbs whilst there, so I could get her to try them on while I was there.

It took me a little while to do the thumbs, but they've come out really well:

Mum's Evangeline

Mum's Evangeline

Mum's Evangeline

Made a couple of changes aside from my usual mods. I cast on an extra 4 stitches to allow a bit more room - so they're a better fit for both me and my Mum who have bigger than normal hands. I also made a conscious effort to knit looser, so these are a bit longer than previous gloves, too - which is great.

For the thumb this time, I picked up total of 20 stitches, did 3 rows of 20, on rows 4 and 5 decreased 2 stitches each, giving me 16. Knit 16 on row 6 and 7, then on rows 8-12 knit 2x2 ribbing.

I then cast on for another Boyfriend hat on Saturday - this one for me! Finished it on Monday - it was my train project so I got plenty done during the commute.

A Hat Fit For Me

This is made from the same Rowan Cashsoft Chunky as Trev's hat, just in black instead of blues.

I added more length to this one, doing nearly 7 inches before starting the decreases, so it more or less covers my ears. But I could probably have added yet more length quite comfortably.

I made a mess of weaving in the ends of yarn where I had to add in a new ball of yarn - I pulled it too tight and there's a puckered bit in the hat - but at least it's towards the back.

I'm a bit meh about the hat to be honest - I don't think it looks great in just one colour, and it reminds me of the hat I had to wear then they threw me out of a plane. But here's another pic with it modelled on Trev:

A Hat Fit For Me

Took the opportunity to take another photo of Trev's hat:

A Hat For For A Husbeast

That's been it in terms of knitting!

When it comes to crochet, I had a request from a friend to make something for a friend of his who is having a baby in May. I suggested a starghan and asked for favourite colours. The bloke in question is an Arsenal fan, so red and white spring to mind.

So I picked up some more acrylic yarn and started this the weekend before last. Not done much during the week on this - but am hoping to do more this weekend. Making good progress:

Arsenal Starghan

I've done 16 rounds so far, and want to do between 28 and 36 rounds to make it a good size. It's already gotten to the stage where doing a single round takes about 40 minutes... so it's a good thing the baby isn't due until May.

Once I've gotten this out of the way, I'll finish off my CPH and then start work on my broomstick lace Hourglass Jacket. It's funny how I've got more knitted stuff in my queue now than crocheted. Still need to start on socks!

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