Monday, 9 March 2009

New treat!

I forgot to mention, during my mammoth post yesterday that I've ordered myself another new gift.

I saw this spindle online a little while ago and fell in love. Given how much I love my new Rosewood Mini, I think another Mini is in order. This one is Pink Ivory with an Ebony shaft (this one isn't mine - I wish - but it's what I want mine to look like):

I've asked for my Mini to also have the longer shaft... and I have plans for perhaps a sibling in Purpleheart?

I've been seeing lots of other people's spindles online and at some point I think I would like to try a Golding, and a couple of Spindlewoods (one of the square ones - Diane has a really nice Tulipwood one with Ebony shaft, and one of their round ones). So I'm not a total Bossie devotee (YET!) but I do love them.

When my new Pink Ivory turns up, that will be my third Bossie and my fourth spindle in um, less than 2 months? And Moosie in December will make 5. Never mind what else I might get in the meantime...

I think I might have a problem.

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