Sunday, 1 March 2009

Ooooh stash!

I come to you with a much bigger stash than a week ago:

My Fibre Stash!

This is a mix of Corriedale, BFL, merino and silk. Lots of what you see here was very kindly gifted to me by Yoshimi and I had great fun plaiting all my existing fibre to make it pretty to photograph.

And thanks to Diane, in addition to some dyes to try (still yet to try those) I have the loan of this:

Ashford Joy

Diane is going back to Melbourne for a month on Wednesday and whilst she's away I've been lent an Ashford Joy to try. I got some great looks bringing this back from Fulham to Peterborough. Yoshimi came round the other day when I got back with this to help me get to grips with it and I managed to spin up something semi-decent. The attempt I've done today has come out a bit better, but behold the glory of my first wheelspun:

First wheelspun!

First wheelspun!

First wheelspun!

We also got Trev to have a go on the wheel. He was able to produce this:

Trev's First Handspun

Trev's First Handspun

Annoyingly good.

I also got round to taking pics of my most recent Navajo plying attempt that I mentioned in my last post. I am annoyed at the pathetic yardage I got out of it, but never mind. It's starting to look better!

Second Navajo Plied

Second Navajo Plied

Really love my Bosworth spindles. I was able to try the most beautiful Mini that Yoshimi has - Bloodwood whorl with a Walnut shaft. Absolutely exquisite. I want one. (Although my Rosewood Mini has been posted and should be here in the next day or so - woo!) I did wonder if she'd notice if I snuck it into a pile of fibre somewhere, but I think she would. She gave me a sample of some lovely superwash merino to spin up (I think this was from the Yarn Yard fibre club) from which I was able to make this:

Cabled yarn

Cabled yarn

My first cabled yarn! I was so proud :) It's a 2-ply then plied again. I was dead impressed with myself as I was able to get mine to look almost the same as the bit Yoshimi spun up in terms of gauge and feel. Happy :)

Unfortunately I did make use of the "drop" part of spindling a bit too much. My floor is made of terrible crappy wood anyway, but the spindle came off the best in several clashes they had together. I definitely need to get a rug for my living room - for the sake of the floor, rather than my spindles. Jonathan and Sheila, you should be proud of your work! :)

I treated myself to some lovely fibre from Charly in Oz which will hopefully come tomorrow. I've ordered 2 lots of the Princess Buttercup which I know will be super soft and lovely to spin. I also signed up to the monthly fibre club at The Yarn Yard. I blame Yoshimi. She brought around lovely fibres and made me pet them. But at least I can rest assured in the knowledge that my stash will be growing steadily every month.

Here's the lovely angorino on it's way to me from Charley:

Oops - that came out a bit big.

To conclude, here are some pics of my stash close-up and nicely plaited :)

Corriedale, in white and brown/black:

White Corriedale

Brown/Black Corriedale

Some silk hankies. I'm not too sure what I think of spinning with these yet:

Silk Hankies

My merino - in white and Whisper. This is what I'm thinking of making Endpaper Mitts with:

White merino



Orange Merino gifted from Yoshimi:

Orange Merino

The rest of it is all BFL:

Blue BFL

Hand-dyed BFL

Hand-dyed BFL

Now a whole bag of Jacob's Fleece! I'm a bit scared of this:

Jacob's Fleece

I really need to start blogging more than once a week so I don't crash everyone's connections with too many pictures. Sorry! Once we get more daylight I'll be able to take more pictures :)

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Diane said...

Endpapers in those colours will be gorgeous! Nice haul you have there :-)