Monday, 25 May 2009

Baby Geese!

Happy Bank Holiday everyone :)

I am pleased to report that I am no longer in pain! I went to my gym induction on Monday and we tried out some machines and worked out the sorts of things I should be doing. Unfortunately until I get used to exercise, everything is going to hurt, pretty much.

However I am in love with Pilates! I went to a class on Tuesday and could do it, despite struggling a bit. Did the beginner's class on Friday and had a great time. Really want to improve. It's amazing how good you feel after stretching! Positively bounded down the stairs from the gym on Friday - although the fact it was my last day at work for a week might have had something to do with it :)

I also have an FO to report! Woo! Not had one of those for a while.


Unfortunately I finished this had on Thursday night as I wanted to give it to a colleague (more on that later) and so it hadn't dried by Friday morning. I took it to work and plonked it on the windowsill of our office (so it got a nice dose of Oxford Street pollution) but whilst it dried, I didn't have my camera with me. So relied on a colleague's mobile phone, with said colleague also modelling hat:


Overall I'm pretty happy with it. The yarn was as splitty as hell - much easier to crochet with than to knit. But it's come out ok. I made a few mistakes with the decreases on the last few rows but thankfully it's close enough to the top to not be noticeable.

Despite the lack of stretch (I used a cotton yarn) it's beautifully soft next to the skin due to the silk/viscose content.

Normally I would have dried the hat at home and waited till after my week off to give it away. However as this hat was something I'd planned to knit for Trev's mum in case she wanted to do chemo and then didn't... I needed to knit it as therapy and then get rid of it.

I've also finished a pair of baby bootees - I just need to add some buttons and they are all done. They're for my new niece, Amelia Louise - Trev's elder sister had her first child last Thursday. So I had to make something :) Will also knit a pair for my sister who is due to have a baby boy in 5 weeks.

Watch this space for piccies - hopefully buying some buttons tomorrow.

So now onto some cute stuff! We've had some lovely weather the last few days and today was SUNNY! Almost unheard of for a Bank Holiday in this country. Normally the days before and after would be nice, but never today. But it was :)

Kooky has been availing herself of the sun and sunbathing at every opportunity - I give you the cuteness:

Kooky Bear in the sun

Kooky Bear in the sun

Today we went for one of our walks down the lake. The geese have had a load of babies recently and I love to go down and see them every spring when they're so tiny!

There's also a swan which has built a nest just near our flat. Apparently it's done this every year for the last 4 years. We couldn't get too close to take a picture as the male was getting a bit angsty, but here's a pic:

Swans Nesting

We also took LOADS of photos of the baby geese. There's too many to list here, so have a nose at this set which will comprise photos of all our local lakeside wildlife while I give you a few highlights :)

Baby Geese 2009

Baby Geese 2009

Baby Geese 2009

Baby Geese 2009

Baby Geese 2009

I love that last photo - the little goslings so sleepy and tucked under mum's wing.

I'm cracking on with some more spinning this week - trying to decide whether or not to cast on for a new knitting project or finish off a WIP.

Going to say goodnight now and watch Kim Bauer totter around in her high heels chasing terrorists in an airport!

Night x

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