Tuesday, 16 June 2009

First Finished Endpaper!

Dead chuffed with myself as I've finished the first mitt. I took it on the train with me on Friday and did the top part of the ribbing on the train and bound off too. Wove in all the ends on the way home and did the thumb that evening. Voila:

First Vintage Endpaper

First Vintage Endpaper

They are a bit tight, and I don't like the way the pattern is a bit more stretched across the main part of my hand, but hopefully blocking will help this.

Didn't get to start the second one this weekend unfortunately. Been completely snowed under at work and I was working this weekend - clocked up a mighty 16.5 hours and nearly 60 for the whole week! Which left no time for knitting. Got a bit of spinning done while waiting for things to upload, so didn't feel entirely wasted. I'm taking Friday and Monday off in lieu, so hopefully can get the mitt done then :)

Nearly finished spinning the first lot of my orange merino! Amazed at how small the cop looks, versus the amount of top I've been spinning. I'm still not a massive fan of the colour, but other people seem to love it. As it's getting a bit warmer I'm felting the end of the roving slightly (oops) due to sweaty paws, but it still drafts well.

Been inspired by this post from Abby on her blog to try and pack my spindles a bit fuller and to experiment more with the shape of my cop. Going for a "pregnant" cop at the moment. Hopefully will get some pictures tonight when(if!) I finish spinning up the last bit.

Should have some new fibre from Limegreenjelly arrive today. I broke a month-long fibre diet to buy something on Saturday night as I think I deserved it after all the hard work I'd done! It's a lovely merino/angora mix - pics when it comes.

I also prepared for my next spinning project last night. Split my pink Shunklies merino into thirds to try and spin a nice 3-ply.

Shunklies - Flumps

Did a test last night - wanted it to come out about aran weight. If I'm lucky, it was DK. AAARGH! All I wanted when I began to spin was to be able to spin fine - now I want to spin the 9wpi yarn I was churning out in the beginning, I can't! So annoying.

And that's all for now! I have promised a pair of Endpapers to someone - I had an Australian colleague help me out with some work on Saturday night and since it's apparently very cold over there (I call 14 centigrade, spring-like, but I guess antipodeans never see much the wrong side of 20) she's in need of some fingerless gloves at work. I should have enough yarn to make a pair in the reverse colours - especially since she has teeny tiny hands and I'm only going to do Chart A once before moving onto Chart B.

OK - got to crack on with some work now - there'll be a post with more pictures this weekend, I promise!

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