Monday, 13 July 2009

My First Proper Skein

I am stupidly excited by this. Yesterday I finished my first proper skein of yarn. I began with this 100% merino top from Shunklies on Etsy:

Shunklies - Flumps

Initially I thought this might make good laceweight, but I spun up an 18wpi chain-plied sample and didn't like the look of it. So I wanted to try my hand at spinning something thicker. I can't spin thick to save my life at the moment, so wanted to try a proper 3-ply and try and get it to come up to aran weight. I prefer the look of a 3-ply to a 2-ply, and this was the first proper one I've done.

Here is a WIP pic:

Shunklies - Flumps in progress

I had spun up my first ply (on the ball), still had one left to spin and was half-way through the second (on the spindle) when the picture was taken.

My plan was to put them all together into a great big 3-stranded plying ball. This I managed, eventually. Finished spinning the last of the singles on Saturday night. I spun some of this in public including at Burghley House on Saturday (pics from that to come in another post) and attempted to wind the 3 stranded plying ball Sunday morning. Took both me and Trev to manage it, but we got there in the end.

Plying took me about 1 1/2 hours and in the end I had a cop that looked like this:

Shunklies - Flumps all plied

This is the whole 100g of fibre on my 34g Bosworth Midi Zebrawood. I didn't wind the cop very well - mainly because I knew it would fit on there easily and I didn't make as much effort as I should have.

Here's some pics of it finished:

Shunklies - Flumps - FO

Shunklies - Flumps - FO

Shunklies - Flumps - FO

Shunklies - Flumps - FO

Shunklies - Flumps - FO

Shunklies - Flumps - FO


Here's my skein info:

Split fibre into thirds and spun each third as a single ply.

Singles: approx 20-24wpi
Spun: semi-worsted (I think) - used short forward draw but didn’t smooth twist back into yarn
Plied yarn: approx 10-12wpi - approx 100 yards
Finishing: hot/cold/hot/cold water, whacking & snapping
Finished yarn: 10wpi - 98 yards
Spun on: Bosworth Midi Zebrawood - 34gms
Started: 21st June 2009
Finished: 12th July 2009

The yardage isn't as much as I would have liked - I was hoping for over a hundred yards, and maybe a bit thicker too. I don't think I've put too much twist in this, but I could perhaps have got away with a little less. I am happy with it though - my first proper usable yarn as the Texel I spun was very high twist and that ate up the yardage.

Going to try my hand at 3-ply sock yarn next. I seem to be able to spin consistently thin yarn quite well, so hopefully this will come out alright. I have a project in mind too:

Spunky Eclectic - Time of the Month

4oz Romney from Spunky Eclectic in the Time of the Month colour way. This was the part of the swap that I mentioned in my previous post. Ironically, Trev really wants me to make socks for him out of this.

I also had the first part of the Ixchel Fibre Club #2 come on Friday - despite the best efforts of the Royal Mail and the postal strike to delay it.

Ixchel Fibre Club #2 - Shipment 1

Ixchel Fibre Club #2 - Shipment 1

It's 60g of silk, angora and baby camel. I love the colours, although I may try and trade for one that has more red/purple in it. It's beautifully soft. Have no clue what to make from it, but it's obviously desperate to be laceweight of some kind. Perhaps a very light, soft cowl or something.

Let's see :)


Melisa Sriwulandari said...

Wow... I think the purple yarn looks fantastic!

Maven said...

I agree about how fantastic the yarn looks! I hope it was fun spinning and plying!

Keep blogging!

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And in keeping with my thread on CLF, I've given your blog a "thumbs up" and got it listed on StumbleUpon, so other folks can hopefully surf on in and enjoy your blog.