Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Moooore fibre!

I completely forgot that I had more fibre come that I forgot to blog about :)

I have completely stalled on the knitting front. I'm desperate to cast on for some new projects or try and finish off some UFOs, but until I get Otto the Bear done I don't feel like I can. I've finished one arm, so he just needs a second arm and a face!

As mentioned in my other post, I swapped the July Spunky fibre club with a fellow Raveller for the June club. Here it is and it's gorgeous:

Spunky Eclectic - Selfish

Spunky Eclectic - Selfish

Because I got a little bit of extra money at work, I also treated myself to a new braid of fibre and some yarn I've had my eye on for a while.

From the lovely Limegreenjelly, I bought some yarn which I intend to chain-ply and make some super sexy stripy socks from. It's 100g of BFL:

Limegreenjelly - Chasing Rainbows

The yarn is from Spindlefrog - I had this particular one favourited in my Etsy for ages and was very worried someone else would snag it. So when I saw it was still available I had to have it. It's sock yarn - 100% merino. I think I will probably make socks with it, but maybe a small shawl or cowl or something. But probably socks. Not that I've gotten on to sock knitting yet! Need to pull my finger out.

Spindlefrog Merino Sock Yarn

Spindlefrog Merino Sock Yarn

Speaking of sock yarn, I've started to spin up the Time of the Month fibre:

Spunky Eclectic - Time of the Month

I'm spinning it up on one of my spindles at the moment. Trying to spin it to be a bit more lofty - sort of long draw, if at all possible. Although I need to get out of the habit of drafting above my head and start to draft lengthways. Although that's hard with a great big tail of fibre hanging down.

I also gave my first spinning lesson the other day. I had a friend come over from Germany who wanted to learn to spin. So I gave her a lesson and some fibre and a spindle. She picked it up annoying quickly, I have to say :) Very jealous of her first yarn compared to mine. No pics - but maybe she will share some if she wants!

I'm now going to go and do some spinning. Or maybe knit a swatch with some sock yarn so I can work out gauge for the toe-up worksheet from Knitty for my first pair :)

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