Monday, 31 August 2009


The last couple of weeks have been good for socks. I stuck to one of my 2009 Knitalutions and have learned how to knit them! Having said that, I haven't finished my first whole pair yet - the second sock is struggling with Second Sock Syndrome and will take a while before it's finished.


I had these 2 skeins of Zitron that had been custom-dyed for me to use for some Endpaper Mitts.

Zitron Trekking Sock Yarn - Custom Dye

The mitts were frogged as the colours just didn't work, so I put the yarn to one side for socks for when the time came. And despite having a load of WIPs that I need to finish sooner rather than later, I cast on last Wednesday night with the lemon Zitron. I thought these would make good socks for my Mum as I know she likes the colour and I already had a pattern in mind - Express Lane.

I finished the toe in one sitting on Wednesday night and by the time I got to work on Thursday morning had 2 pattern repeats complete:

Express Lane WIP

By the time I got home, I had 5 repeats done:

Express Lane WIP

Because I'm Magic Looping these, I'm having some issues with a bit of laddering either end, but blocking should fix this as it's nothing major. I'm also not too happy with the stitch definition - looks too loose to me and just generally a bit crappish. Next time I knit with this yarn, I may go down a needle size to 2.25mm from 2.5mm as it's a very lightweight yarn. My gauge was coming in at 8.25 stitches to an inch, rather than the 9 inches called for in the pattern. This is not necessarily a bad thing as my Mum and I both have huge feet, so these needed to be bigger than the pattern anyway.

Didn't take long to get the point where I needed to turn the heel, the doing of which was much easier than I thought. There's no pictures after this one, since I couldn't take any I liked that didn't make my cankles look horrendous. Seriously, I suffer from major cankle-age. Not a good look. I need to buy some sock blockers as a priority as there's noooo way I can use my feet for modelling:

Express Lane WIP

So first sock was soon finished - used calf shaping on every pattern repeat on the back of the leg and finished off with EZ's sewn bind off. Despite trying to leave this loose, it's still a bit tighter than I would have wanted, but it's ok.

Trev is quite enamoured with my sock making so I suggested that I could buy him some nice yarn and he could have some as an anniversary present (it's our 7th in a month). So we went to Socktopus on Friday and came home with 2 lots for him. He was only meant to pick out one lot, but he couldn't make his mind up.

We ended up buying my first Koigu (it won't be the last!):



2 fairly non-matching skeins, despite being from the same dyelot. Weird. His was a surprising choice here, as I didn't think he was a big fan of orange and this has got pink in it too! But he'll be wearing them at home, so it's no big deal. Just strange.

The second choice was some Superwash Cherry Tree Hill in much more predictable colours:

Cherry Tree Hill

Cherry Tree Hill

I've only promised him one pair for our anniversary. Both if I can manage it, but definitely only 1. He's also getting some hats and gloves as part of general knitting, which I may try and get done by then too, so he can have a little winter warmer box, but we'll see how we go.

I did get myself something small while at the shop - a little WPI counter as I'm tired of using a ruler and guesstimating the thickness of my handspun:

KaratStix WPI Counter

I also had the second shipment of my Ixchel Fibre Club arrive - 160g of super angorino tops:

Ixchel Fibre Club #2 - Shipment 2

I'm still waiting for a YarnYard Fibre Club shipment (postal strike seems to have sucked this up) and for the latest Spunky Eclectic Club to arrive, along with the yarn that I bought from New Lanark for the aforementioned hats and gloves. Fingers crossed there'll be some Koigu for ME in the near future, but I need to deal with an issue that cropped up on Saturday - some buttwipe scamming my bank account - leaving me without money and access to whatever is left while they send me out a new card. With today being a bank holiday in the UK, it's unlikely that I'll get a new card for at least a week which is super frustrating :( Boo hoo! Scumbags. Some people just have no decency. So WHEN I get my money back, it's going to be spent on luciousness to make me feel better.

But I was cheered up by an email I got Saturday night telling me that my Moosie is about to be started. I was in the November herd, but I must have been bumped up as it's going to be started in September hopefully for mid-October shipping. Yay!

All the while I've been writing this, I've been able to see the second sock out of the corner of my eye. Back to knitting, I think...

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