Monday, 14 September 2009

My firstest ever pair of socks

Please excuse the excitment - I am dead chuffed at having finished my first ever pair of socks! Given that socks were the reason I finally learned to knit, I am super excited to have managed this.

I finished my Mum's Lemon Express socks on Saturday and gave them to her on Sunday. I cast on for Trev's Anniversary Koigu socks straight away.

But without further ado, here are my socks modelled by my younger sister Emma:

Express Lane Socks

Express Lane Socks

Express Lane Socks

Express Lane Socks

You'll have to excuse the slight bagginess on her - she's a small size 6, as opposed to the chunky size 8 with cankles these socks have been knitted for! But she does a good job of modelling, with her legs and ankles which are FAR SKINNIER than mine. Hmph. But hopefully my new sock blockers will be here soon which will help negate that :) (Negate needing to model on my legs or Emma's, that is. Not my cankles. I think they are beyond help.)

So overall I'm pretty happy with them. If I had the chance to knit them again I'd probably go down a needle size or two, and increase the stitch count to 68 or 72 (these were knitted with 64 stitches) as I didn't like the stitch definition - although blocking fixed a multitude of sins. I'm also not a huge fan of the the yarn-over short row toe and heel. I'm trying a new version for Trev's socks and liking it more so far.

And my bind-off was also too tight - despite using EZ's Sewn Bind Off. Well I say too tight - I couldn't pull the socks up as high as I wanted as the bind off just wouldn't stretch any more, but you can get them on your foot easily enough.

I've just seen a new stretchy bind off in the new Knitty - Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off - which I think I will try for Trev's socks. I'm all about new techniques at the moment. I've used Judy Becker's Magic Cast-On for his socks and I'm in love. It looks amazing, although I had some small holes at the end of the first row - anybody know why? Strange. I'm also going to try a new heel type for his socks - want to learn as many new things as possible.

Here are his socks so far:

Trev's Koigu Socks

Simple 64 stitch sock on 2.5mm needles - 3x2 rib on the instep (with a 2 stitch purl edge on each side) and cast on 12 stitches for the cast on. Got about twice as much of the ribbing knit by now as shown here - the sole is plain stockinette although the ribbing will extend around the whole leg once I get past the heel.

I do love so many of Cookie's patterns, which are top-down and quite frankly, scare me. But I may try knitting a pair of Monkeys, which I will give to Emma if they come out too small.

I have some Koigu on the way from the States - bought from a Raveller, which seems to have been swallowed up by Royal Mail. We had a load of strikes here in Peterborough which means my Spunky Fibre has also not turned up yet. So I got them sent to work in London thinking that would be ok, and then they started to strike there. So it's lost amongst approximately 2 million other items of post. Yay.

I've also entered the ballot for the Socktopus Knit Love Club - which would let me have 6 fabulous new patterns and yarns in 2010 along with other fun stuff - hope I get one of the spots. More news on that next week.

But for now I'm off - Trev has gone to see his sister in Cardiff and I'm all on my lonesome with only the kitty for company. Time to be all crazy-cat-lady ish and retreat to the bedroom with knitting and Kooky.

Night all.

P.S. Also seen this pattern in the new Knitty - looks good as it comes in huge foot sizes, so I may have to give this a go. Will be a while before I feel comfortable fiddling with patterns to make them fit my feet.


Jo said...

Great socks Azzy! Judy's magic cast on...did you knit the back of the stitches on the second side to untwist them? I use this cast on alot....never had any strange holes though!

Shani Phethean-Hubble said...

Brilliant socks... really love them - knitted well and super pattern... you should be well chuffed.