Sunday, 18 October 2009

Koigu Socks!

At last I have finished Trev's Koigu socks. Finished them yesterday, so unfortunately I suck and they are 2 weeks late.

Here they are:

Trev's Koigu Socks

Not matching, due to the difference in skeins, but they make a good pair of fraternal twins.

Used Jenny's Super Stretchy Bind Off on both socks and did a slightly better job of it on the second sock as it's looser and easier for Trev to get the sock on and off.

Here's the low-down on what I did:

Cast on 24 stitches using Judy's Magic Cast On.
Increased to 64 stitches - 32 each for sole and instep.
3x2 rib on instep with 2 purl stitches either side.
Knitted 96 rows before turning heel.
Decreased to 10 stitches on the short row heel - used Priscilla's method for this.
20 rows of stockinette on needle 2 before beginning ribbing all the way round on cuff.
Added one stitch at centre of needle 2 to allow for ribbing to flow uninterrupted - totalling 65 stitches.
68 rows of the cuff (once starting ribbing all the way round) before binding off using the Super Stretchy BO.

These are really tight on Trev across the instep - I wonder if I should try a heel flap next time? Don't know if that would help with the tightness. But I'm testing a sock pattern as my next knit, so I'll see how that goes.

Overall, they're ok, I guess. Could have done a better job of them, but they're the same size, and whilst they're a little bit too small, they generally fit him.

So I finished those yesterday, and then cast on a hat for Trev yesterday afternoon - which I finished today! Only fgot a WIP picture of it, but it's the Turn a Square hat pattern. Went very fast - used a tiny bit of a grey ball, and just over half a blue ball. Might try and do a slouchy beanie for Trev from the remainder of the grey.

Turn a Square WIP

But before I do, I have a couple of other knits for me. First these test socks, some Fiddlehead Mittens and maybe a hat. I also need to finish off my long overdue CPH - the left front of which got frogged the other day. Full update on that to come whenever I get back onto it again.

Got some Moosie pics to follow now! :)

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Shani Phethean-Hubble said...

so love the socks... colour really inspiring...