Sunday, 18 October 2009

Moosie Moosie Moosie!!!

My Moosie came on Wednesday :) So so glad to have it finally here!

Bosworth Moosie

It's part of the October herd - whorl number 25 which was technically my second choice, but was actually my first choice when I really sat down and thought about it. My first was one with mouse nibbles, which I picked purely on account of the nibbles - but this one is far more beautiful

It's pin balanced on the underside and with the long Bocote shaft, weights just 25g. Moosies are dense for their size, so even though this one looks a bit strange having such a long shaft on such a small whorl, it spins beautifully.

Technically it's: White PB, heavy mottles in rings, green undertone on 1 side

Bosworth Moosie

It's absolutely gorgeous. I struggled to truly capture how beautiful it is, but here are some more gratuitous pics, just in case:

Bosworth Moosie

Bosworth Moosie

Bosworth Moosie

Bosworth Moosie

I also took a couple of family shots with all my spindles together. Love this shot:

Bosworth Spindle Family Shot

This is probably it for big crafting purchases for me, for a while. I have enough spindles and things. I could do with getting a ball winder and swift, but other than occasionally getting some new Knitpicks tips, I'm sorted. Got my monthly fibre sub coming from Spunky Eclectic and I also got a place in Socktopus' Knit Love Club for 2010 - so I'll have yarn and socky goodness coming to me regularly too!

I tried to do some spinning with it this week, but the mojo just wasn't there. Tried spinning a couple of different things, but it wasn't happening. Will try again in a couple of weeks once I've got some other stuff out of the way.

Happy happy :)

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Shani Phethean-Hubble said...

oh so lovely - so amazing, I am truly lusting and gazing with admiration and awe...

love the fibre colours as well !!