Sunday, 18 October 2009


I, lazy-bum extraordinaire, have taken up running. Well, I don't know if I can say "taken up" yet as I've only done 2 sessions and the one I just finished nearly killed me! Feels like it anyway.

We've started doing the Couch to 5K programme as it's meant to be an easy way (easy? Huh who are they kidding!) to build up from doing nothing, to being able to run 5k (3 miles ish) within 9 weeks.

So we plan to do sessions 3 times a week. We did the first one on Friday - despite my not getting home from work until 7:30pm and being knackered and hungry, because Trev was really keen to get started we went out and did it.

Wasn't as bad as I thought, actually. Had some shin ache, which I almost always do when I exercise, and apart from a stitch that I got during the first run that then went away, it was all fine. Covered a surprising amount of ground - a little over 2 miles I think, which was far more ground than I ever expected to cover.

Bit achy, as to be expected after the session. Calf muscles feeling a bit tight (might have to try and do some Pilates on the off days to ease that up in general) but overall pleasantly surprised.

So like a mug, I got up all happy to try and run this morning and OMG... death! I don't know whether I was intentionally running faster than last time, but I really struggled today. More my lungs being on fire than my legs being unable to take it. Despite stopping a couple of times we covered more ground, which is great. But it was so much harder - I was surprised. At this rate, I may want to repeat week 1 before moving on to week 2, but we'll see how we go.

As I type this I'm still bright red (which seems to happen whenever I exercise) - so hopefully the fitter I get, the less red I'll become - which will be nice. Makes it very hard to feel dignified when you exercise. Although I now feel part of some little jogging club, since most of the other runners we crawled past said hello. Awww.

Update to come after session 3, provided it doesn't kill me!

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