Monday, 30 November 2009


So I can officially call myself a lace knitter now! After finishing the Ripley hats, I cast on for Ishbel. I've been planning to knit it for ages and finally persuaded myself that I might be able to manage it. I'd also been saving my Koigu for something other than socks, and this seemed ideal.

So we went from this:


to this:

Ishbel WIP

I had some issues at the very beginning of section A and had to frog back to my lifeline (how I love lifelines) but other than that I seemed to have no problems throughout the rest of the pattern. I think counting every single row helped with that A LOT. The only slight fubar I had was where I'd missed a YO on a row but I was able to pick it up later on and it doesn't seem to have caused any issues now it's blocked.

Blocked it last night, and now finished, it looks like this:

Ishbel outdoors

Ishbel FO

Ishbel FO

Ishbel FO

Here's the few mods I made:

For cast-on edge did the below instead:
Cast on 3 sts, 1st row, P3, 2nd row K1M1 twice, then K1, 3rd row P5. 4th row K1M1 4times, K1. You now should have the required 9sts, and your next row is the first purl row of the stocking st instructions.

For the yarn-overs:
Make my first one with k2, yo, k1 for the k3, yo at the start of the row and then end with k1, yo, k2 instead of yo, k3.

I made the small stockinette with small lace version and only used just over 250yds of yarn. So I think with the 440yds that I have in my Knitting Goddess Luxury Sock, I should be able to knit the large stockinette and small lace - make it a bit bigger and warmer.

This one is lovely and warm (I have no pics of it on me, unfortunately) and I've already gifted it to my Mum who was oohing and aahing over my knitting prowess when I saw her at the weekend. We've both had a crappy few days with family (collectively they've ruined my day off today) so I wanted to give her something to cheer it up. She was very grateful :)

But I guess now this means I have to knit another! Oh dear.

I also ordered some more yarn this week. I had a voucher from The Yarn Yard to spend in the shop so when Natalie did a shop update this week, I grabbed the below:

The Yarn Yard Clan

Yarn Yard Clan, in 1331, Happy, Botanic and Electric. Trying to work out what colour combos go best with what (I love the yellow but it's the hardest one to pair up well). I might knit some colourwork mittens... or who knows. I guess I need to stock up on my stash in 2009 so I can try and use it up in 2010!

Ideas on the best colour combos and patterns to use them would be much appreciated. It's all sock weight yarn, by the way :)


Ha ha did you see what I did there? Like the second of the Alien film was called Aliens and because there are 2 Ripleys in question... well yeah.

The Ripley that I initially cast on in my last post, I had issues with. I couldn't get gauge and it was going all wrong. I managed to find some information about upsizing the hat for aran weight yarn (although technically my yarn was the right WPI) and ended up with this hat for Trev:

Ripley FO

Ripley FO

As you can see, it's a bit too big - next time knitting on smaller needles might help I think. And I should probably do some proper gauge calculations rather than just knitting on regardless! :)

But then I cast on for a second hat using thicker yarn (some chunky cashmerino from a frogged hat I never wear) and managed to be able to follow the pattern directions - although I had to use a 7.0mm rather than a 6.0mm needle. Here's the one I came out with:

Ripley FO

It's very warm and soft and I've basically been wearing it every day since. Although I know it will pill like there's no tomorrow, I'll enjoy it while it lasts.

I've also had more fibre and yarn arrive:

I bought this from Diane (Knitting Goddess Luxury Sock) - I think it might become an Ishbel, rather than socks:

The Knitting Goddess Luxury Sock Yarn

I also had some Spunky Club Fibre arrive (October shipment called Ribbons):

Spunky Eclectic - Ribbons

I've also been doing a teeny bit of spinning: here's part of a batt that I'm spinning up quite fine on my Moosie:

Moosie with Hobbledehoy Batt

This is all stuff done a while ago now, so I'm going to do a second post with info about what I've been up to recently!

But yeah, my first Ysolda projects and I think they went well!

PS - While we are on the topic of hats, here is the finished Turn A Square that I knit for Trev:

Turn a Square

The raglan decreases have left slight bumps on the top of the head that can resemble little horns, but I think it's cute :)

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Mojo gone

Just a quick post from me while I snuggle with the kitty - she's just come back from the vets after having a tooth out.

Not much to report at the moment - my crafting mojo seems to have gone entirely. After finishing the first of my Fiddlehead Mittens, the will to knit or spin has just completely gone. I'm meant to be testing a sock pattern for someone and I've not been able to get 3 rows past the cuff. Just don't know what it is.

I've cast on for a Ripley hat tonight, for Trev as I bought Whimsical Knits 2 by Ysolda Teague (also bought the first volume which came in the post today! Woo!) as it's quite simple and will hopefully help me get back in the swing of things.

I guess I'm just feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the knitting and stuff I want to do. Work is also quite stressful at the moment - and combined with the 4 hour commute every day, just leaves me exhausted. I've also had a lot of family crap to deal with - which dragged on for over a week and I'm still dealing with the aftermath of having some very nasty things dredged up that I didn't want to think about ever again - yet in the name of trying to assuage other people's guilt and make them feel better I have to do - despite being quite happy to never see most of my family again.

Plus I don't feel too well at the moment - so I guess it's all compounded into this horrible pity-party of a post. I just need to get away somewhere quiet and just be left alone with only Trev and Kooky for company.

Going to go eat some chocolate, watch some Project Runway and see if I can figure out how to move past the band on this hat.