Monday, 30 November 2009


Ha ha did you see what I did there? Like the second of the Alien film was called Aliens and because there are 2 Ripleys in question... well yeah.

The Ripley that I initially cast on in my last post, I had issues with. I couldn't get gauge and it was going all wrong. I managed to find some information about upsizing the hat for aran weight yarn (although technically my yarn was the right WPI) and ended up with this hat for Trev:

Ripley FO

Ripley FO

As you can see, it's a bit too big - next time knitting on smaller needles might help I think. And I should probably do some proper gauge calculations rather than just knitting on regardless! :)

But then I cast on for a second hat using thicker yarn (some chunky cashmerino from a frogged hat I never wear) and managed to be able to follow the pattern directions - although I had to use a 7.0mm rather than a 6.0mm needle. Here's the one I came out with:

Ripley FO

It's very warm and soft and I've basically been wearing it every day since. Although I know it will pill like there's no tomorrow, I'll enjoy it while it lasts.

I've also had more fibre and yarn arrive:

I bought this from Diane (Knitting Goddess Luxury Sock) - I think it might become an Ishbel, rather than socks:

The Knitting Goddess Luxury Sock Yarn

I also had some Spunky Club Fibre arrive (October shipment called Ribbons):

Spunky Eclectic - Ribbons

I've also been doing a teeny bit of spinning: here's part of a batt that I'm spinning up quite fine on my Moosie:

Moosie with Hobbledehoy Batt

This is all stuff done a while ago now, so I'm going to do a second post with info about what I've been up to recently!

But yeah, my first Ysolda projects and I think they went well!

PS - While we are on the topic of hats, here is the finished Turn A Square that I knit for Trev:

Turn a Square

The raglan decreases have left slight bumps on the top of the head that can resemble little horns, but I think it's cute :)

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