Sunday, 10 January 2010

Piccies as promised

OK, so it's not Saturday, it's Sunday. But in fairness I did take all the photos I needed yesterday :)

Time to have a little photo catch-up of some of the other things that have been going on.

Finished Ripley:

Ripley III FO

Ripley III FO

Made the standard medium size - the only change I made was to kitchener the band as soon as I had finished knitting it, rather than at the end. I found I was able to minimise holes and get a cleaner result this way.

Baby Booties:

My colleague who stole my black Ripley on account of her being pregnant (she was very cold when we went on a business trip to Madrid and in fairness I did lend it to her and she fell in love with it) will be getting a few handknits from me! I've started on these booties but the first one has come out super tiny. So unless she has a small baby, I don't know what to do with them.

Boose's Booties

Boose's Booties

I've made a change to the pattern where I've used an applied i-cord to make the straps as I think it gives a nicer looking result. Just need to do the buttonholes on this first one and then knit the second. Cute, despite being too small.

Trev's house socks:

Trev's House Socks - WIP

Just past the toe on the second one now. Annoyingly, his socks are still quite tight on him across the instep - but not as much so as his Koigu socks. Next pair I try I'll use a gusset and heel flap and see if that makes things fit any better. Of course the next pair of socks I knit will be for ME, but due to my massive cankled feet, I can still try out this technique :)

Hobbledehoy Handspun:

Hobbledehoy Handspun

I've wound my 2-stranded plying ball - will ply it later this week once everything has settled down, to make it easier to ply. No idea what sort of yardage I will get from it, but should be a semi-decent amount.

Time of the Month Handspun:

Time of the Month yarn

As mentioned before this is the first 2oz, and came out to just over 100yds. Tried to long-draw in places, but didn't really work - so this is a hybrid of lots of different drafting styles. Chain-plied it to preserve the stripes - think it looks good! Not too sure what the WPI is - somewhere between a DK and a sockweight, I think.

Limegreenjelly 800 yard challenge:

I mentioned this challenge in passing in my last post, but here's some more info :) On the LGJ group on Ravelry, we were inspired by a member who spun up a beautiful skein of laceweight using LGJ fibre and got a yardage of over 800 yards. It was then suggested that we all try and do the same, with a prize for the winner.

I've been a bit late to the game, esp considering that I am using a spindle, but I started on Wednesday and have already spun up about 10g or so, I reckon. In some ways I think I will be quicker with a spindle than with those on a wheel, as it's easier to insert lots of twist, fast, but still need to get a move on before it takes me forever.

I'm using some 70/30 merino/silk blend I bought from Jo called Lhuna and so far it's coming out like this on my Pink Ivory Mini:

Limegreenjelly 800yd challenge

Limegreenjelly 800yd challenge

Limegreenjelly 800yd challenge

When I'm totally finished with it I'll do a blog post on how I spun it and the full details, but for now pretty pictures are enough :)

Right, off to do some more spinning and knitting!


Lisa said...

Hey, I just found your blog as I was looking for an answer about the go for baroque pattern in happy hooker. I posted a question on that particular post.

I respect the industriousness of spinning your own yarn. However, I think I would be out of a home if I tried that. Those I live with would rise up against me at more needlework implements lying about.

azzy said...

Hey Lisa

I replied to your question on my other post - please let me know if you need any more help.

In terms of the spinning, I manage to keep most of my items out of the way - the spindles are hung up high, and I don't have a spinning wheel. Fibre squashes down much smaller than yarn ;) Nobody would have to know!