Sunday, 24 January 2010

WIP Wrestling!

The name of this post is stolen from an event that they have in the Ravelympics. What is the Ravelympics, I hear you ask? Well it's a giant crafting "thing" that takes place alongside the normal Olympics - so the summer version in 2008 and for 2010, the winter ones. The basic premise is that you start and finish something during the duration of the games, although there are also specific challenges that you can choose to tackle depending on your level of madness. The one that appeals to me, and I'm going to start already (as I don't want to wait for Feb), is WIP Wrestling, where you try and finish as many of your half-finished projects as you possibly can.

In my case, I had 8 WIPs outstanding at the beginning of the year, most of which have been sat there for a goodly while and need to be finished. So my aim, as well as finishing other projects, is to get all of these done so I can be free of the guilt of seeing them in my stash when I cast on for something new.

The culprits are:

  • Husband Socks - update on these below
  • Boose's Booties - also an update on these
  • Trev's Gloves - started and finished one, last weekend - need to get the second one done so Trev can enjoy non-frozen hands
  • Fiddlehead Mittens - finished the first one of these really fast - stalled on the second, and still have to knit linings for them too
  • Otto - this got put to one side after I had a serious falling out with the sister whose child it was intended for. Rubbish excuse I know, but I need to finish him and then decide what to do with him
  • Hourglass Jacket - started this because loads of people were, did about 4 rows and then got distracted by other stuff
  • Central Park Hoodie - did the back quite quickly, and then most of the left front, which I then had to frog for using the wrong size needles. Need to get smaller projects out of the way so I can focus on spending a big chunk of time on this one
  • First Handspun Socks - spun up the yarn for this which is a bit overtwisted and seriously tough. But need to give it a go on sufficiently large needles just to see how they come out
Sooo, I promised an update on 2 projects above. The first one is Boose's Booties, which I don't have an updated photo of, but instead some progress. I've finally found some buttonholes that I liked for these. I tried the sewn buttonholes, but just couldn't get them looking even and nice. So instead I crocheted a small chain, then slip-stitched back along it and fastened it in place. Also bought some cute buttons from John Lewis - so the first shoe is totally finished (even if it is too small) and the second one should be quicker work.

In terms of the Husband Socks, these are finished - after a massive knitting binge yesterday. I've wanted to get these finished, so that when I pick up my first Knit Love Club parcel tomorrow, I don't have socks-in-progress to guilt me out of doing these ones. I had about 60 rows to do, which I more or less managed yesterday. And after blocking and drying last night, here they are:

Trev's House Socks

Trev's House Socks

Trev's House Socks

I think they look pretty good, despite the problems with instep tightness I mentioned last time I posted about them. And now they've blocked, they've really softened up and fit Trev really well. I didn't experience any bleeding of colour in the water as some have found with this yarn - just a massive amount of dirty water! Clearly my toting them around as my commute project, whilst it's been good for productivity, isn't good for cleanliness. Here's the vital stats on the socks:

2.25mm needles.
Use Judy’s Magic Cast On: 16/32 stitches.
Worked up to 72 stitches for the foot.
95 rows before turning the heel. (Work until 16 active stitches left.)
70 rows of the leg before starting the cuff.
20 rows of 2x2 rib.
Finish off with Jenny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind-Off.


So much for nice simple stockinette socks. I've seen what the pattern for my first Knit Love Club parcel looks like and I'm very intimidated. I'm sure I'll be longing for stockinette before long!

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