Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Things I'm going to miss about London

So, it's official. I have a job, and we are moving to Leeds on April 2nd!

I didn't get the job mentioned in my last blog post - but have since been offered 2 others, one of which I've accepted. It's a nice step up for me, and exactly in the line of work I'm doing. A few things I'm unsure of, such as client base, but I'll see how we go.

So. London. Leaving it. In truth, there's not that much I'm going to miss about London - I'm a real country girl at heart. I can't wait to be in a little stone cottage and maybe acquire a few chickens and some bees. And spin in front of an open fire. And be near proper countryside. You couldn't really get further removed from the hubbub of Oxford Street where I work.

Having said that, there are a few things I'm going to miss. I wanted to put a small list together - to give me reasons to make the effort to come back down to London every so often when we come and stay with my lot in Peterborough.

  • Hummingbird Bakery - the most amazing cakes and cupcakes I've ever had. I am going to buy their cookbook and replicate lots of red velvet gorgeousness at home
  • Eagle Bar and Diner (a lot of these are going to be food related) - American style diner with burgers, hot dogs, huge bowls of skinny fries and the BEST milkshakes. OMG. Went there for lunch again today - divine.
  • Busaba - (Busaba Eathai) - a chain of Thai restaurants. Amazing food, served really quickly. Thai chicken curry with jasmine rice and veggie vietnamese spring rolls FTW. Nom.
  • Afternoon tea at the Lanesborough - VERY expensive, but totally worth it - if you can get past feeling so utterly out of place! I don't drink tea, but the iced tea is incredible and you get sandwiches, cakes and of course, scones with clotted cream and jam.
  • Great buildings - I love the architecture of buildings such as St. Pancras train station, the Liberty building and so many other places in London. It's full of amazing buildings and so much history. One of my favourite things that I have on the way to work every day are the little blue plaques on certain buildings that say which important people in history lived, worked and sometimes died there. I love history and feeling a connection to the past. Needless to say one building I won't miss, is Centrepoint. I have to agree with Helen from the AnswerMeThis podcast who once said, "Centrepoint's a f**king ugly building". 'Nuff said.
  • Last, but by no means least, my friends. I have some great friends at work and on Twitter (even though I haven't met some of you!) who I'm going to miss like crazy. It's been a pleasure knowing and spending time with you and hope we can all keep in touch. You guys are the main reason I'll be coming back to London - even though most of this list is food-related.
Should have time to do a knitting-related post this weekend. Getting so behind! Got packing to do and an unlimited amount of stressing. I'm the kind of person who stresses when there's nothing to stress about, so now there IS actually something, I'm my own worst enemy. Fingers crossed once I don't have to do the 4 hour commute anymore, I'll resemble a human being more than a nervous wreck :)

Monday, 1 March 2010

Changes Part 2

So, an update on my earlier post where I spoke about moving to Leeds. The first interview went really well and I went back for a second interview on Friday. I had to do a 30 minute presentation and also be interviewed by the MD. Unsure about how it went - was hoping to hear back Friday or today, but no news yet. Fingers crossed!

We spent the whole weekend in Leeds - going up Friday and coming back last night. We stayed with Sarah, who we will hopefully be moving in with. We had a nice night in on Friday, went to Salvos for dinner on Saturday and did a nice bit of shopping on Sunday in Leeds city centre - getting to know the place.

I'd forgotten that Leeds has hills - given that it's in Yorkshire and whatnot. I know at this point people are probably thinking, "hills? Where did you GO?" - but I'd remind everyone that I live in Peterborough. On the edge of the Fens - where the highest point is something crazy like only 2 metres above sea level - and hopefully you get the idea :)

Salvos was one of the high points of the weekend - it had always been popular (and you can't book - you just turn up and queue) - but since it won best regional Italian on Gordon Ramsay's the F Word, it's been even more mental. We made our way over at about 7pm, expecting a wait of about an hour - oh no. Two and a half hours was the waiting time - they wouldn't be able to seat us until 9:30. Wow.

So, we went away, drank a bottle or so of wine, and came back about 9. Picked our food, got seated at 9:25, while watching other people STILL queueing to be served at 10:45. Mental.

But, I can see why. The food was AMAZING - quite possibly the best food I've ever eaten. It was all amazing - and I've never seen a kitchen quite so calm. Considering how rammed the place was, there's was no panicking, no stress. And if you ever go, have the Mars Bar Fondue for dessert. OMG. That is all.

One of the other highlights was my first trip to Baa Ram Ewe - my soon to my local yarn store. I succumbed and splurged on some beautiful Orkney Angora laceweight. There was a beautiful sample in the store knitted into a scarf and I'm determined to copy it. There's a lovely selection of yarns in there and I know I'll be back very often once we move. There's a knit night every Thursday which might become a regular fixture.

Piccies of the yarn to come soon (once I get some time at home in daylight), along with some of other yarn I've acquired for baby projects.

Busy busy busy!


I have finally finished the Rumpled socks :) I actually finished them on February 20th but haven't posted until now.

Knit Love Club 2010 #1 - Rumpled FO

The second sock has come out very slightly bigger, as they always do - but weirdly I
have 12g of yarn left again! So I have a total of 24g left to use on something else which is brilliant as the yarn is divine.

Despite my cankles, the socks also happen to look ok on me! First pair of socks ever for me!

Knit Love Club 2010 #1 - Rumpled FO

Knit Love Club 2010 #1 - Rumpled FO

I've immediately cast on for my pair of Firestarters which aren't going so well. I'm using the following gorgeous yarn, but I have a problem:

Spindlefrog Merino Sock Yarn

My gauge is off. Waaaaay off. Instead of 41 rows per 4 inches, I have about 48. So despite doing an extra repeat of the cables to fit my longer foot, I've started the gusset and am only here:

Firestarter sock WIP

I need to rip back and do at least one more repeat (if not two) before I start the gusset. So these have been temporarily relegated to the naughty corner while I get on with a few other bits, which will follow in a non-sock related post :)