Tuesday, 6 April 2010

A New Home

Well, it's been 4 days since we moved house and I think we're pretty much settled in now. A lot of our stuff is in storage, but what we need on a day-to-day basis has moved with us to our house-share.

Our housemate has very kindly given us the largest bedroom for all of our stuff, so I've got space for my craft bits and to have some private space to ourselves, which is great. All in all, should be brilliant until the lease ends in a few months and we all go our separate ways. We've got a few areas we are thinking of to move onto, so will be fun to do some exploring and see where we want to go.

Been doing our best to keep active, the last few days - it's very strange going from an area that is totally flat, so a place built on hills - my legs certainly need the exercise and I've probably dropped a couple of pounds already - between the walking and cooking proper food again (last 2 weeks was spent living off junk food!). Overall we're really happy. As mentioned in my last post, there's a few things I'm unsure about in terms of my new job, but it's been so long since I started anywhere new, I'm sure most of it is just nerves.

So, since we don't use a dishwasher any more (although we've brought it with us and it's in storage), I've been working on a few things to make washing up by hand more fun, more hygienic and easier.

Enter the tawashi.

Tawashi can be knitted or crocheted - it's basically the Japanese word for "scrubbing brush". Some tawashis can be used ta-washi-the-dishes, some can be used as face or body cloths. They're great because they're washable - so can be better cleaned than sponges or normal cloths. Plus they just look so cool!

My first attempt didn't come out too well. It's 100% aran weight cotton, but Trev's already earmarked it as a face scrubbie, despite it being wonky. It was made from a Japanese pattern, using charts.

Semi-Circular Tawashi

My next few were a pattern called Scrubbie Dots (check out Rav) made with doubled DK yarn, again using a 5mm hook. Made them in a few different colours of acrylic I had lying around. I have since crocheted the edges of two together using slip stitch, so I have a thicker double sided-scrubbie, but these have come out pretty good:

Scrubbie Dots

Scrubbie Dots

The third pattern is also a Japanese one for a spiral tawashi. My first attempt was rubbish, as I forgot to sc through the back loops only (so the piece has no texture) and then I couldn't figure out the finishing instructions. So instead of a spiral, I got this:

First attempt at Spiral Tawashi

Um, yeah. Second attempt was a bit better. Thanks to some useful photos on Rav, I was able to work out how to put them together. And I ended up with this little cutie:

Spiral Tawashi

I also added a little loop so we can hang it up:

Spiral Tawashi

Will definitely be making more of these spiral ones. Need to work out a way to make them even bigger for better scrubbage. Tried them out on the washing up this morning and they did really well. Want to get some very bright funky coloured yarn to make super interesting ones.

Also trying to finish off a few more projects this week before I start work. Got a few more bits and pieces to do too, like adjusting addresses and sorting out insurance etc. All takes time... and I already don't know where the time has gone since Friday! Scary.

Another update hopefully later this week :)

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Helena said...

Very cool designs. For how many days did you make each deign?