Monday, 17 May 2010

Getting to grips with my wheel

Had lots of fun on Saturday playing with my new wheel. Here's some wheel p0rn:

Kromski Mazurka

Kromski Mazurka

Kromski Mazurka

I've mastered the art of rewinding bobbins and love how they look once they're done. I did this with a load of stuff this weekend - old projects and those in progress. Take a look at a bobbin before and after rewinding:

Limegreenjelly - Lhuna - WIP

Limegreenjelly - Lhuna - WIP

Love how perfect it looks!

Yarn Yard - Red Squirrel - WIP

Yarn Yard - Red Squirrel - WIP

Plying the above two bobbins is next on my list. No idea how much laceweight this is going to be. Fingers crossed I'll get a decent yardage.

The below is one third of some Spunky Eclectic fibre I started to spin up back late last year. It's going to become a 3-ply of some description - maybe about DK weight?

Istanbul Sunset - WIP

But I actually managed to start and finish a whole new project this weekend! I spun up a bump of this fibre last year and it came out terribly. Very overspun. So now I acquired another bump of it, I wanted to give it another go. I wanted to spin something bulkier with not as much twist, so give me something squooshy. It went from this:

The Yarn Yard - Fibre Club February 2009

to this:

The Yarn Yard - Rhododendron - WIP

to this:

The Yarn Yard - Rhododendron - FO

Here's the full break-down of the yarn and the specs (also available on my Rav page):

The Yarn Yard Fibre Club February shipment.

Inspired by the rhododendron outside Natalie’s window and the fibre is Texel. It’s staple length is similar to BFL, but is slightly coarser - but should still make good socks, mittens, hats etc.

I got given a second bump of this fibre, so now attempting to spin it up on my wheel as something chunkier and squooshier.

Singles: approx 20-24wpi
Spun: semi-worsted (I think)
Plied yarn: 2 ply, using tensioned lazy kate
Finishing: hot water, whacking & snapping
Finished yarn: 8-9wpi, 118 yards, 97 grams

Spun on: Kromski Mazurka
Started: 15th May 2010
Finished: 16th May 2010

Disappointed with the yardage here - maybe Texel is denser than other fibres? It’s not as soft as I’d hoped it’d be and I may have put in more twist than it needed to hold together.

A tough one.

Better pics to come when I get the chance and the right light.

Despite not being entirely happy with it, it is better than anything I spun on a spindle, so there's room for improvement. Maybe I need to go from not pre-drafting at all to doing some? Let's see how I go with the laceweight and what kind of yardage I get from it.

Really enjoying having my wheel though! Love that it also has pride of place in my living room :)

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