Sunday, 9 May 2010

Some House TLC

I promised an update on housey bits so here it is!

It's been a busy few days and a productive weekend. Taken all the pics I wanted to and now sitting down to the Formula 1 and some well deserved knitting. Just finished an FO, and about to cast on something else, but I'll save those bits for another post.

So, you know that bathroom floor I mentioned in my last post? We started to clean it yesterday and probably did about a quarter of the floor. I took a great pic that shows you before and after:

Floor in progress

Yummy, eh? Of course I now don't want to tread on the rest of the floor, but we'll get it clean over the next few days.

We've also been cleaning up one of the lovely little bits we like about the house. We've got this huge great big cupboard in the kitchen that goes from the floor to the ceiling:


You'll notice the nice ornate fingerplates on the doors. Check out this close-up:


So, lovely, but covered with over 100 years of grime! We reckoned that these would be brass underneath, but you can see as we start going at it with the Brasso, that they're actually copper. Here they are now:

Cleaning Fingerplates - 3

So we've managed to get to the copper on the left-hand one, but there's so much patina and grime build-up that it might take a while to totally uncover them. In any case, we think we might put them back up as they are now, as they look MUCH better and we kinda like the worn look that they have now.

I also mentioned that we bought a few bits and pieces for the house. First thing we bought was a massive candle for the living room. It contains 4 layers of smells, so it changes as it burns.

Funky candle


We also bought one of those old-fashioned metal signs - this one for the bathroom. It is reproduction, rather than antique, but the style is exactly what we are after:

Vintage-Style Washroom sign

At the moment it is in the bathroom rather than on the bathroom door - not sure if we'll move it or not. Tempted to get one that says "Laundry" for our little utility room, or a couple of larger ones for the kitchen. What I really want for the kitchen are some of those old adverts for Kit-Kat or Cadburys from the Victorian era, and get them framed as posters in the kitchen. I think they'd look amazing.

The final thing we bought was for the kitchen. It's got a nice country-kitchen feel to it, which is exactly what we wanted.

To-Do Chalkboard

It's more of a cream colour than in the picture, and we now have it up on the wall - it looks amazing. We haven't bought any chalk for it yet, so it will be a while before I can write Trev to-do lists on it, but it's a start :)

The main things now to think about are curtains - particularly for the front door which is VERY draughty. Carpet for the wood in the hallway is also a must - as there's no radiator there and it will get very cold. But for the main rooms we're also going to think about secondary glazing. There are places which sell acrylic panels which act as second panes of glass that provide insulation, both from cold and noise and we think these are going to be essential in the run-up to winter. The house is cold, even at the moment in May (although in fairness it hasn't been that warm), so unless I want to spend a fortune on heating, it's going to be a necessity.

As it more knitting and stashing. After all, I can use fibre as insulation, right?

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